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top five motorcycle insurance companies owning a motorcycle gives you the thrill of the open road every single time the wind through your hair the Sun on your face it’s an experience unlike any other but of course it doesn’t come without risks and a motorcycle enthusiast.

can attest to that accidents happen when you least expect them so it’s always best to be prepared and have proper protection against losses when it happens today there are a lot of insurance companies that offer protection but we know it can be hard to find the one that’s best for you so stay tuned as we put together a list of the top five motorcycle insurance companies that are currently out there to help you get the best one and the best understands the risks associated with motorcycle accidents welcome to our top five list of motorcycle insurance companies [Music] the first insurer on our list is Marco specially insurance with more than 40 years of being in the insurance business Markel has made sure to create affordable and customized motorcycle insurance policies they are not a one-size-fits-all for riders like you if you are insured with Markel you’ll get customized coverage multiple discount opportunities superior service and fast claims Marco allows you to customize your policy letting you choose from a variety of coverage options that will best fit your needs their policies don’t only protect you but protect your bike and other persons involved in the accident as well the available motorcycle coverages are collision comprehensive accessory uninsured or underinsured property damage mechanical breakdown and trailer coverage coverage for the rider includes medical payments uninsured and underinsured bodily injury and funeral expense coverage Markel will also help other persons involved in the accident by providing coverage such as bodily injury liability property damage liability and passenger liability they also have additional roadside assistance trip interruption rental reimbursement coverage and several other additional options when you choose Markel you’ll also be choosing multiple discount opportunities which can help you save up.

to 35% there’s an anti-lock brake discount anti-theft alarm discount multi-unit discount renewal safe driver safety course accident forgiveness and transfer discounts you’ll also be entitled to go to the diminishing deductible of 25% from each consecutive accident per year all the way up to zero dollars a month after the fourth year they’re knowledgeable and experienced claims team will help you get back on the road fast our second insurer is Safeco insurance a company that’s been providing protection since 1923 it ensures getting the best insurance policy at the right time Safeco provides different coverage options that you can choose from from motorcycle coverage to enhance coverage for you guests and even passengers the motorcycle policy covers bodily injury liability guests passenger liability and property damage liability they also offer coverage for custom parts and equipment om parts gear replacement new harley davidson replacement costs which also include a two-year replacement cost with no depreciating adjustments their enhanced coverage options include comprehensive collision medical payments uninsured underinsured motorist coverage roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage when you choose Safeco you’ll also be able to take advantage of their discounts to save up to 50% on your premiums by taking their motorcycle safety course joining a riding club going for a ride storing your bike in a garage or if you own your own home along with having theft recovery and anti-lock brakes as well as shopping ahead of time you’ll also be able to save money if you insure more than one motorcycle with Safeco carry other safe call policies maintain continuous coverage make a claim free renewal or by choosing a higher deductible although the product offerings vary per state Safeco is made sure to work with each state to better serve you and will connect you to a local independent Safeco agent to help you create the best policy for your needs what do you think of our first two motorcycle insurance companies  let’s continue at number three is a trusted motorcycle insurance company since 1966 its Dairyland you might never guess that Dairyland offers affordable packages with industry-leading services coverage and support but they’re affordable motorcycle insurance policies include multiple options protection for different types of bikes money-saving discounts and experienced support regardless of the type of bike you have Dairyland provides multiple insurance coverage options depending on you or your bike’s needs such as bodily injury collision comprehensive guest passenger medical expenses optional or special equipment personal injury protection physical damage plus property damage rental reimbursement replacement cost roadside assistance underinsured motorist bodily injury underinsured motorist property damage uninsured motorist bodily injury and uninsured motorist property damage they also have a trip interruption coverage for when you’re riding a hundred miles from home or more it covers eligible trip expenses like food lodging loss deposits transportation.

and towing Dairyland covers all types of motorcycles from harley-davidson Honda Indian triumph and more they also include models like Touring’s cruisers sport bikes and others with Dairyland you’ll be able to take advantage of several discounts to help you save money discounts such as multi cycle home ownership partly owners loyalty discounts rider group and rider course discounts if you get into an accident the filing claim is super easy and is processed quickly you’ll be connected to their experienced and knowledgeable support team that will help you through every step of the claims process until you’re back on the road the fourth insurance company on our list has been providing insurance for the military and their eligible family members since 1920 it’s USAA if you’re an active military member former military eligible family member cadet or bid shipment you’re welcome to join them and take advantage of their specialized financial resources gain access to representatives and products that fit your lifestyle now and in the future one of those benefits is of course motorcycle insurance coverage the policy information won’t be fully divulged unless you become a member of their service but members enjoy specialized discounts that are combined with the best pricing and service their coverage is usually offered for one year policy terms and include options like liability for bodily injury property damage collision comprehensive custom.

parts and equipment medical payments uninsured underinsured motorists and roadside assistance their coverage doesn’t only include motorcycles but also offers coverage for ATVs mopeds and scooters USAA has many discounts available to their members including a 5 percent discount when you get a motorcycle insurance policy through their agency some other discounts include a multi-policy discount loyalty multi vehicle driver’s training good student good defensive driving course family discount new motorcycle store discount and a seasonal discount based on the season when you drive your motorcycle the most if you get involved in an accident filing a claim is really easy you can do so on the web or the mobile app just schedule an inspection and reserve a rental vehicle until you’re back on the road well we have one more company to review before we get there please click the subscribe button for more informative reviews and hit the bell icon to get notified whenever we post a new content at number 5 on our list is Allstate providing insurance services since 1931 Allstate provides extensive coverage along with affordable services all state’s motorcycle insurance policy features upgrades your motorcycle policy protection for you and your family replacement for total bikes and your first accident is waived there are of course.

many types of coverage and options that vary for state but all states experienced agents are always ready to help their motorcycle insurance policies include bodily injury liability coverage property damage medical payments personal injury collision coverage comprehensive uninsured underinsured motorist bodily injury towing and labor rental reimbursement motorcycle and off-road vehicle transport trailer damage lease or loan gap and optional or added equipment Allstate also offers ways for you to lower your premiums by providing discounts to help you save up to fifty percent like multiple motorcycle discount the multi policy good rider transfer motorcycle organization and motorcycle safety course discounts although discounts vary from state to state Allstate can make sure that you get your money’s worth and if you have questions you can talk to a local agent who’s always ready to help they also have motorcycle safety tips on their website where you can read articles like choosing the perfect protective gear to help you stay safe on the road if you get involved in an accident the claims team is always ready to provide quick assistance and will help you through the process until you get back on your feet as the old saying goes it’s better to be safe than sorry and sometimes the unexpected can occur so it’s important to have yourself an insurance policy for when you’re riding your bike out on the road did you find anything in our list that captured your.

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