Just type Bikhari in Google


Google’s ‘ idiot ‘ Likhlei why Donald Tramper’s photo appears to have been in the face of a few days before the question was made by the chief executive of GOOGL Nice pichike.
This time, Pakistan is making the same question. Because now Google is likhlei the ‘ Bhikhari ‘ in Urdu, the image of Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan.
The Pakistan government has asked for its response to the incident as a conspiracy. This time, Pakistan has to answer this question in Assemblite pichike.
A proposal has been passed in the assemblite of Punjab in Pakistan. There, it said, that Google’s chief executives will be asked why he wrote
“Bhikhari” on Google as the image of the Pak Prime Minister is coming. It was a few days ago that Imran Khan was writing
‘ beging ‘ on a channel in Pakistan, but it would actually be ‘ breaking ‘. Naturally the wide traul is surrounded by that event.
Maybe the bhikhari of Imran Khan’s photo is the reason for the incident.


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