Learning from mistakes is the ultimate successful


The successful man of the world has always seen success. They also failed many times. Byarthatekey They found the right way to prosper in Priborttite.
Experts here have raised the promise of 11 of the world’s most successful human beings. Learn what they’ve learned from failure. 1.
In 2012 when Oprah Ghatshilatkan the Retinger of the Winfrer network he thinking, this failure is actually an illusion. According to him,
the wrong thing is that we lead us to the right direction. And in the right direction, he project his network in 2013.
He picked up the information in a statement at Harvard in 2013. 2. Microslation, Dallas Mevoricks’s owner Mark Cuban began his career as a bertender.
On CNN, Exaxakshare he knew how many mistakes you made was not an issue. You have to remember, once I have to find the right path. And I did. 3.
After greasuationer from Harvard, the head Caroline of Facebook’s current ad Everson wanted to pratisthantike the pets dot with less name.
Prostabo back good job vacancies for the company. But failure occurred in life. He was not disappointed if he left his company.
Move yourself forward and become very astutely to the wealth of other big firms. 3. Sir James Dyson, founder of Dyson Ltd.,
creativity simulates to put his own failures into action. He was in the biflatay of a thousand times. Finally, vulguloitake the right way. And he belionire his way today.

  1. ‘ Risneble dout ‘ foresaw Jay Z’s first album. It was not the first time that many Rapp the best album of Music. Jay saw the shadow of failure. But second album ‘
    in Mai Lifetime, well. Correct took the mistakes by 1. And immediately saw a great success. Let me know that the first album issues failed to succeed
    in the second Albame Segulokei. Took lessons from the mistakes. 5. Harry Potter series writer Zecke Rowleng 1993 Saleo failed Life Catachilan. Thakeni from the left.
    In a statement given to Harvard in 2008, he said the next kajgulote learned from previous failures and tried to decide. According to him, failure means unnecessary issues Baddewa.
    So this is the way the next task is magnified. I tried all my things to do the next. And yet I’ve seen Bencherchy and success faces. 7.
    Microsoft Another founder Paul Allen has always seen the failure of the presenter as the secret to future success. In 1972,
    Paul and Bill Gates took plans to launch a new business called Truff-and-data through 8 bits of microprosessrer. But it turns out. In 2011,
    Allen wrote on news weekend that the failure was the seed of the next success I was disillusioned with. I am so disillusioned with the computertulabe that
    microchipi the low prices in the future. And that is the continuation of today’s Microsoft. 8. In 2012 the company of J P Morgan faced a number of problems.
    The count of its London-based branch has resulted in a loss of 5 billion dollars due to false policy. Its CEO Jamie Dimncay had to get a strong letter from Sheyarholderder.
    He continued to take a lesson. At one point everyone brings peace to the mind, learning from the wrong. 9. Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman spent
    144 million dollars to become Governor of California in 2010 and failed. But the big mistake Takeshiksha that he may be a good communicator,
    not a good politician. And then, he realized, the mighty Woltake to explain what he had been like as an executive and he was a more perfect CEO since then.
  2. In the decade of 90, Google’s Sahapratista Sergey Brin is pizza with an idea of supplying the fax. But in the initial case, it failed.
    From here, Brin should understand that we need to take more barparikalpana to succeed. He saw the success of the plan.


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