Biggest test since World War II: UN Secretary General

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus is the biggest test for the world since World War II.
The crisis could lead to a recession, ‘he said, adding that perhaps there is no parallel in recent history.
He said this while publishing a UN report on the potential socioeconomic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday, the BBC said.

“New coronavirus disease is hurting the society, destroying people’s lives and livelihoods.
“Since the formation of the United Nations, Covid-1 has faced our biggest test,” he said.
The UN Secretary General also called for “coordinated health initiatives to prevent infection and end the epidemic.”
He urged the industrialized countries to help the underdeveloped countries, or warned that they would ‘face the nightmare of a disease that spreads like fire.’

The UN report estimates the coronavirus outbreak could result in the loss of two million jobs worldwide. The outbreak has led to speculation that foreign investment in the world could be ‘degraded’ by 5 percent.
The number of people infected around the world is now closer to 8,000 and the death toll has exceeded 12,000, according to data released Wednesday morning by Johns Hopkins University about the global status of Covid-I disease.

The outbreak began in China in late December last year, but after Italy, Spain, the United States and France, China has also surpassed China in the death toll.
The death toll in the United States, which is at the top of the number of infected people with more than 100,000 people, has exceeded 4,000. France is behind China with 12 thousand 5 people affected, but the death toll (12) has risen.
In China, there are now 12,220 people and 9 dead.

Binoy Roy

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