Corona suspected the elderly torture tied to the tree!

A coronary patient suspected of having abused an elderly man with a tree in India The tragic incident took place on Monday evening in the slum of Maniktala of the west.

The victim’s name is Narayan Chaurasia. According to a report by Anand Bazar, the seventh man was suffering from liver problems. Recently, he was admitted to RG Kar Medical College Hospital.

The elderly were released from the hospital on Monday morning. The old man rushed out of his house after reaching him. Walk to the slum No. 1.

That is when the hazard occurs. The hustle and bustle falls. Everyone sees him ‘coroner! Corona is sick! ‘

Someone hurts a stick to kill him. He stops near the door to prevent anyone from entering the house again!

At this time, he was tied to a tree with a saline channel, a surgical cap on his head and a mask on his face. This was followed by inhuman torture.

Later, a person in the area can recognize the old man. The old man rescued him and took him away.

Maniktala police station’s police officer claimed, “I do not know the matter. I must be looking and looking. “

Binoy Roy

Binoy Roy

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