Coronavirus was created in China lab, new evidence has come! (Video)

Corona in Chinese lab

The deadly coronavirus was first detected in China in December last year. The virus has since spread to at least 20 countries around the world. The virus has so far exceeded the number of deaths worldwide by 1 lakh 3 thousand and the death toll has increased by 3,000. In addition, the virus has recovered 2 lakh 20 thousand.

The fatal coroner has killed 125 people in China and affected 5,900.

Meanwhile, is the Novel Coronavirus caused by orchestration around the world really created from nature, or has it been made in a Chinese lab? The debate about this has been emerging from the beginning.

The United States, Israel and Iran have claimed that Corona is not a virus, a deadly biochemical bomb made in China’s Wuhan lab. China, however, rejected it by calling it a ‘conspiracy theory’.

But this time new evidence has emerged, showing that the coronavirus has spread from China’s Wuhan lab. There is no way to deny it now.

The blizzard reports that a number of new evidence recently released indicates that the virus was created in a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

Earlier, a long article on this topic was published yesterday by senior reviewer Jim Zeraghty of the National Review. He has long been in China with filmmaker and YouTuber Matthew Tye to produce a documentary on Corona. Investigated in detail. Conversely, he uploaded several videos to YouTube, claiming to have detected the source of the virus.

Zeragh has definitely noticed that watching these videos about the origin of the virus is easily understandable. Anyone can understand where the virus originated. There is a lot of information about the origin of the virus here. He uploaded the video to the Internet so that people could easily understand it. If you do not believe, you can watch the video.

One such evidence is that two questionable job offers were accidentally posted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology late last year.

Mysterious job offers

On November 7 last year, the lab placed an ad asking scientists to ‘investigate the relationship between coronavirus and the bladder’. The job offer reads – “By adopting bats as a research topic, I will respond to the molecular mechanism by which it can coexist with Ebola and SARS-related coronavirus for a long time, with which it can fly longer and survive longer.Viruses, immunology, cell biology and multiple omics are used to compare the differences between humans and other mammals. ”

A month later, on December 27, the lab opened another job. It has been noted that, ‘Long-term research on the pathogenic biology of important virus-carrying bats confirmed the bladder as a carrier of major infectious diseases in humans and animals. For example, SARS, SADS, large numbers of new bats and other new viruses have been detected.

Strictly speaking Chinese, Tie claimed, ‘We have discovered a new and terrible virus and want to recruit people to deal with it.’

During the second job advertisement, the so-called ‘mysterious pneumonia’ infection was underway in China. But a week later, the Chinese government notified the World Health Organization that its population was infected with the Novel Coronavirus.

Scientific research paper
Fox News editor Tucker Carlson featured an interesting piece of video on his primetime show Tuesday night. There, a research article published by the University of South China Technology in February was published.

The report, titled ‘Research Paper: Possible Source of 25-N Covey Coronavirus’, states that the virus probably came from an animal that looked like a horse-drawn bark. Carlson said there is a surprising thing here that there is no colony of bats within 5 kilometers of it.

In addition, Carlson points out that the fact that this particular bait was claimed to have been sold at Wuhan’s marine market did not match. The Wall Street Journal reported in February that it could not confirm whether the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also had bats in the market.

Earlier, Israeli and US scientists spoke to Corona demanding organic weapons. The ‘genetically modified’ Coronavirus originator claims to be the Biosafety Laboratory Level Four in Wuhan, China, and is a member of the US Lawyer and a member of the anti-chemical malpractice organization. Francis Boyle. Coronavirus, a powerful chemical poisoning, spread from his lab.

University of Illinois College Professor of Law. Francis Boyle. He is also the head of the chemical weapons disarmament organization. His initiative passed the ‘Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act’ bill in the 5th. Novel coronavirus is not just a virus infection, Dr. Francis.

Supporting the claims of Israeli intelligence and microbiologists said. Francis Boyle said the process of fabricating chemical pesticides was under way at the Biosafety Level Four Laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus has spread from there. C-food market is an attempt to dust the eye. And the World Health Organization (WHO) knows this remarkably well. Despite all this, a concerted effort is being made to push the whole thing.

Dr. Francis Boyle also said that the World Health Organization sponsored the level laboratory of Wuhan as super laboratory in Wuhan. It was said that the lab is working with the virus, but it is much safer and safer. The laboratory has a separate wing that has no contact with the outside environment.

Dr. Francis said that after the death of Sars and Ebola, the accusation finger went towards the laboratory. Researchers are not only immune to disease, but also to make lethal biological weapons. The result is thousands of deaths. Genetic mutations in the novel coronavirus have been made, and many WHO researchers know that the virus has spread from its laboratory.

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