Fourth Germany died of coronary infection in the world, why on the bottom?

The United States is currently at the top of the coronavirus infection in the world. The European countries are followed by Spain, Italy and Germany. Although at the peak of the infection, the death toll in Corona in Germany is almost flat compared to the other two European countries. How was Germany able to pull this deadly virus from killing?

Although contagious outbreaks of coronavirus continued in multiple countries in Europe, the third day of infection in Germany was reduced on Sunday. In the last 24 hours, the number of newly infected people is less than one and a half times the previous day.

The Robert Koch Institute, the country’s public health agency, says a third day of voting to reduce coronary infection in Germany has declined. On Sunday, more than 6,000 coronas were infected in the country. The total number of people affected by this has reached 5,900. Earlier on Saturday, 1,212 people were infected with coronas in the country. The number of victims has decreased in the span of one day.

On the previous day, 9,900 people were attacked in Corona in Germany. However, seven people died on Sunday from coronas. Corona casualties have risen to 1,122.

So far Italy and Spain are at the top of the corona infection in Europe. The number of people affected by coronas in the country is around 12,000 but only one thousand 12 people have died. On the other hand, although the number of infections in Spain and Italy is slightly higher than in Germany, this country in Europe has become two coronas.

In Spain, 1 million 3 thousand 3 thousand people have been infected with coronas. Of them, 12 thousand 5 people died. On the other hand, the number of people affected in Italy is 1 lakh 25 thousand 12, but the death toll is 8,12. But the United States is at the top of the infection; In the country, 1 lakh 3 thousand 5 and 6 thousand died.

Dr. Director of the Institute of Epidemiology at the University of Germany Alam. Dietrich Rothenbacher said the reason for the low death toll in Corona in Germany is being tested here on a mass scale. While others are examining people with symptoms; In Germany, a wide range of coronary tests are underway.

Germany ranks fourth on the list of coronary infections in the world. Yet the death toll in the country is very low. Health experts in the country say that many countries are spreading rapidly because they are not tested; That is not happening in Germany.

So far, in Germany, there have been 100,000 coronary tests. Where in Italy the number is some six and a half million. In addition to Spain, 1 lakh 3 thousand. Liam Smith, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says there are several reasons why the death rate in Corona varies from country to country.

But one of the reasons is, who is testing more. Due to multiple tests, the virus cannot spread to others through the infected person. Germany has been testing a large number of people from the very beginning compared to the population. German laboratories at the Robert Koch Institute President Lothar Willer say German labs currently have the capacity to test at least 100,000 people a week.

After the outbreak of coronavirus in China last December, Germany became the first country to locally produce the Corona Test Kit. Within a short time, private health companies and companies in the country are allowed to produce this kit. They go into mass production of this kit, keeping in mind the country’s population image. Even the only company in the country provides more than 1 million kits to the World Health Organization. Which the World Health Organization then sent to Corona affected countries.

In addition, Germany has almost double the number of ICU beds in Italy and Spain. Because of this, hospitals in the country did not break down in providing medical care to patients; Which happened in Spain and Italy. German hospital monitoring agency DKG says there are 20.2 critical care beds for one million people in Germany.

On the other hand, Italy’s numbers are only 12.5. In the United States, there are 1 decimal 2. But in Germany these beds currently have 4 to 5 percent of patients. This means that German beds are adequate for critically ill patients in Corona.

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