In Italy, the number of people recovering from Corona is increasing

In Italy, the rate of recovery for medical treatment is increasing among those suffering from coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, 1,922 coronary artery patients have returned home after recovering. The total number of healthy patients in the country is 22 thousand 5. Angelo Borelli, head of the country’s civil protection agency, said this at a regular press briefing on Monday (April 8th).

Italy did not have the highest number of deaths in the coronavirus epidemic. According to official estimates, as of Monday, the country has lost 1,212 3 million infected mothers. Italy’s civil protection agency chief Angelo Borelli said on Monday that in the last one day, the country has been attacked by a new ‘brother’. And the dead were 3 people.

Italy has begun using robot doctors to assist doctors in combating coronavirus. These robots are examining the pulse of a terrifying patient in an intensive observation unit (ICU). Sometimes, the patients are also taking medicines. Six robots have begun treating Covid-1 patients at Varese Hospital in Italy.

In addition, Italian Prime Minister Josepte Kant responded to the call of Corona Accra, with 1,922 retired physicians, nurses and ambulance workers. Members of the military are also working to ensure access to all kinds of food, food and supplies for the country’s nearly 40 million citizens.

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