India’s ‘lockdown’ will be successful only if you pay rice

Four eminent economists believe that ‘lockdown’ will be successful in preventing coronavirus infection if human food is administered. They are Nobel laureate economist Dr Amartya Sen, his successor Dr Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and economist Kaushik Basu.

In an all-India television talk, the four economists raised their views while talking about the lockdown situation called for by Corona. Nobel laureate economist Dr Amartya Sen said that when one is wondering how to prevent coronavirus infection, one is wondering where to get two rice!

Another Nobel laureate economist, Dr Abhijit Banerjee, said that if people were forced to go out on the road in search of rice, the benefits of lockdown would not be realized. Agreeing with Abhijit, his wife and Nobel laureate economist Esther Duflo said that providing food to people is essential to preventing infection.

Economist Kaushik Basur said those who say, first win the fight against Corona, the national economy can think about later, they are not right.

Amartya Sen strongly condemned the comparison of the Modi government with the war situation in the Modi government, saying that in a country like India where there is such diversity of people, such opinion, where different people have different needs, it does not make sense to compare it with the war situation.

He said some people are just wondering how to prevent coronary infection, while on the other hand some people are just looking for two sweet rice. Wondering if you will get food the next day? সময়ে If people lose their jobs during this lockdown, all roads of employment will be closed.

People will not have money. Then there will be a situation where people will die because of lack of food. This is a situation where we need to become more supportive. There is no way to become an ally in the real war.

Binoy Roy

Binoy Roy

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