Lockdown issued across the country, house arrest until April 5th in India

Lockdown India

New Delhi: The lockdown was issued across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this in his address to the nation at 7pm on Tuesday. The lockdown will be issued across the country from March 25 to April 1. The lockdown was issued and banned from leaving the general public outside the house on March 25 at 12pm. The Prime Minister also said the lockdown of the nation is a tightening of curfew across the country.

Experts opine that no special road was opened before the government except to issue a complete lockdown to get rid of the Corona virus. However, various emergency services have also been announced at lockdown. In her speech, the Prime Minister also said that if the 20-day deadline is not followed, the economy of the country could fall for the next 20 years.

In view of the Prime Minister’s statement, the left party leader Sujan Chakraborty demanded immediate delivery of ration to the poor people. Lockdown was already issued in West Bengal till March 7. Initially, the decision was taken by the government to lockdown until March 25.

At the all-party meeting on the 27th, the Left parties were requested to extend the lockdown deadline from March 25 to March 5. At the same time, financial packages for marginalized people and special hospitals for coronary sufferers were demanded. On March 25, the government accepted all three demands of the leftists.


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