No food in lockdown, in India’s West Bengal hungry stomachs!

Lockdown has no food in the house. So, the demand for food has gone down the road to Aurora. A large number of pirates were set up on the road in the Pifa area of ​​Basirhat police station in North Indian state of West Bengal. Except for the point of social distance, everyone, including the minimum hygiene, do not protest. After about an hour, the protests started at the police station.

Lockdown nationwide to prevent Corona infection All off Administratively, accordingly, the government of each state has to take the responsibility of ensuring that no one is present at this time. If needed, everyone should go home to pick up food items. In Bengal, that work is going on in a wider range. Panchayat, from block level to district police involved in this work. Nevertheless, residents of Pifa Panchayat area of ​​Basirhat complained that they did not receive any food items.

All of them were out of the house, ignoring the lockdown on Monday. A wooden puddle was dumped on the malanch road to demand food. Posters in posters’ hands. Writing in it – ‘What will the day laborers eat?’, ‘Provide food immediately.’ Residents’ wishes, locked in the lockdown jay for about fifteen days. There is no food in the house.

One of the women complained, “That day, there is no work for the housekeeper, I cannot market. I will eat a little rice with a fan, that rice is not in the house. I am not getting any benefit from the panchayat. So today, the streets are being protested in search of food. But a representative from the panchayat informed that immediate action would be taken. ” For about an hour the road becomes unobstructed. Upon receiving the news, police rushed to the spot. With the assurance of the police, they took away Abro. But the demand is one, the local administration will have to take responsibility for the two sweet foods.

West Bengal, India
Binoy Roy

Binoy Roy

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