No new employment, so ‘lack of qualified workforce’?

Joblessness is really increasing

New Delhi: At the bottom of the crisis is India’s economy. Modi, Sitaraman, unhappy to see a crisis in the highest unemployment rate in six years, the lowest rate of GDP growth in six years, pushing up production, pushing exports down. Union Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar has openly declared that there is no crisis in the workforce, employers are unable to recruit suitable candidates or not!

It is not possible to acknowledge the fundamental problem of saving the $ 1 trillion economy lantern. The Times of India reported in their report on March 7, that this year, more than 2 crore 3 lakh applications have been submitted for the employment of 1000 vacancies in Indian Railways.

In the same year, the ‘Mumbai Mirror’ reported in their report on April 4 that two lakh youths have submitted applications for the post of police constable in the Mumbai Police, among them 121 engineers, 3 MBAs, 4 postgraduates and 6 police constables. Chat Lounge

Starting from agrarian people, small / marginal farmers, miners, construction workers, industrial workers, service field workers, unorganized field workers, hard working people across the country are facing unemployment and unemployment in their daily lives. But none of this is unknown to the Nirmala Sitharamans. But don’t accept anything.

Soumyakanti Ghosh, SBI’s chief economic adviser, reported in a report published on August 7 this year that the bank’s credit to the economy in the fiscal year 20-21 was 2.5 billion, while this huge amount of credit increased GDP to 1.5 million crore, said Soumyakanti Ghosh. GDP figures. In the first five years of Modi’s tenure, the sales of all the 20 companies in the country increased by 6.5 percent but the profit rate was less than 8 percent, less than the rate of inflation.

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