One million tourists stranded in New Zealand have started returning

New Zealand Airline

A lockdown has been announced in New Zealand since last week to prevent mass transmission of the global epidemic, Covid-1, caused by the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, one lakh tourists traveling from different regions of the country were stuck. They started returning to their home country on Friday (April 7), under various pressures. News Associated Press.

Earlier, New Zealand also shut down domestic flights during the start of a month-long lockdown. Due to this, tourists from different parts of New Zealand could not reach Auckland. And all international flights depart from Auckland Airport.

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Winstone Peters announced Thursday (April 2) that foreign tourists will now be able to travel to their home country on different flights.

Even if a country wants to take its rented aircraft back to its citizens, there will be no problem.

However, the government has informed that the embassies have given information that 5,000 tourists from different countries are stuck. But the actual number is one million. Of those, 200 tourists from Asia, North and South America registered to return home.

On the other hand, one or two flights from Qatar Airways will leave Europe daily for special arrangements. In New Zealand, 3 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus. One has died.

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