Singapore in a one-month lockdown

Lock-down in Singapur

Singapore has garnered worldwide praise from the beginning for its success in preventing coronavirus infection. But in the last one month, that success has been a bit lacking. At the beginning of March, there were about 100 patients with coronary disease in the country. But by the end of the month, that number has exceeded one thousand. The Singapore government has announced the closure of all educational institutions and unnecessary businesses in the country to prevent the spread of coronas.

On Friday, Prime Minister Lee Sien Lung said that we must take strong steps to prevent coronary infection. So instead of gradually increasing, we have decided to finalize the next few weeks.As per the new guidelines, only food service, markets, supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, emergency transport and major banking services will be operational. All businesses, schools, programs are closed. However, during the ban, home education will be provided to the students through alternative means (online).

This directive will be effective from April 1 to May 7. But if the situation is not under control, the deadline may be extended. On this day, the Prime Minister of Singapore said that the country has sufficient food reserves. There will be no crisis during the ban.

He urged the countrymen not to leave the house without urgent need. Prime Minister vows to extend assistance to households and businesses in need.

Earlier last month, Singapore’s finance minister announced a $ 5 billion aid package for households and businesses. In the country so far, 5 thousand 5 people have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, five have died.

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