Strict administration to enforce lockdown in Malbazaar

lock-down india

Despite the administration, ordinary people are not kept at home. As a result, there is an increased likelihood of infection with the corona virus. Police came to the streets with a stick Wednesday to stop it. Malbazar Police SDPO Debashish Chakraborty, under the leadership of OC Subhashish Chakraborty, swept the huge police force in different areas of the Malabazar sub-division.

Police were evacuating those who were roaming the streets in the streets. Many shops were closed. Besides, the harassment of the youth in the alley alley stopped by the police. Dumdim, South Odalabari, Odalabari Bazar area is closed at Nimse.

On this day, SDPO in Mike’s hands said to the general public, “This curfew has been done for the benefit of the common people.” So that the Corona virus can no longer spread to humans. But some people and some enthusiastic young men are out on the streets. Now if the common people do not understand, legal action will be taken.

Then whoever can be seen on the street, he will be arrested. Thick nuts will be made. On the day, huge police forces patrolled the areas of Dumdim, Odalabari, Bagrakot, Odalabari Tea Gardens.

Binoy Roy

Binoy Roy

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